May 4, 2011

B's Special Day

Our nephew, Beckett, is getting so big! He's 2 1/2 and in preschool already. This week, it was B's special day at school where the teacher reads letters written from family members to him.

Here are the letters that Tommy (Uncle Mimi) and I (Auntie Momo) wrote to him. I have to be honest when I say I got a little teary writing this. It was a very big realization that my little baby nephew is not a baby anymore. He knows so much and is so bright and good at sports. I could not be prouder to be his auntie!

Dear Beckett,

You are special for so many reasons. You are such an amazing little boy and every time I see you, you bring a huge smile to my face. Some of your best traits are:

• You’re very, very funny!
• You are a great dancer
• You’re good at soccer
• You have the BEST smile and the best, big blue eyes
• You’re a good listener
• You love my puppy Ozzy very much and always ask me about him
• You’re great at playing the guitar, drums and singing
• You give the best hugs and kisses to let everyone know how much you love them!

We are all very lucky to have you in our lives. You make every day better and full of more love!

Love you!

Auntie Momo
Dear Beckett,

You are such a fun boy to be around and I am glad you are my nephew.

We both enjoy the same things like kicking the soccer ball, going on the paddleboat, and eating a lot of food. You make me very happy with your smile and your great dance moves. You have so much energy and personality and are a great little brother to Keller. I am very blessed to have you in my life.


Uncle Mimi

Tommy and I both value our relationship with our nephews, Keller and Beckett. Since Kel didn't have a special day at school, we're planning something special for him too.



Mary said...

That is so sweet! I'm cracking up at the shared love of eating a lot of food:) I can't believe my oldest nephew is almost NINE! When did that happen? They just grow up too fast.

Katie said...

What a great idea!



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