May 28, 2009

Guest Blogger. Osborne.

Hi, internet, my name is Osborne Cash Tedesco, but you can call me Ozzy.

This is me...
My Mama asked me to post because she's been real busy with editing pictures, work and planning Dad's huge birthday party at our house this weekend (the party is based off the movie Old School...I'm playing Frank the Tank!)
And this is my best friend Norton. He's a frog and if you sqeeze his belly croaks

Let's start from the beginning though, shall we...

My birth dad was a german shepherd and my birth mom was a black lab. Everyone says I have the body of a german shepherd and the adorable face of a lab... I'd have to say I agree.

All of these pictures my parents found on the Gateway Pet Guardians website where they found and adopted me!

Taking a nap with one of the hottest pups in my foster home. I was sad to leave her. Daddy, don't you think I can have a little sister or brother puppy soon? Mama said she's down :)

There were lots of other pups in my foster home. 6 other puppies and dogs to be exact and 4 cats!

Here is one of my less flattering pictures but my Mama wanted me to use it so here it is. I know what you're thinking but back's just puppy fat! When I was 4 months old, my Mama and Daddy took me to Annie's for frozen vanilla custard. It was wonderful!

Mama sure does take a lot of pictures of me

Here I was thinking "Crazy bia get this camera out of my face" but I kept it to myself.
Next time Mama asks me to post on her blog, I will tell you all about my wonderful girlfriend Lady. She lives next door and her sisters Mariah & Faith have made their blog appearance recently too.

Until then...Cheers!


(Disclaimer: my parents are not crazy dog freaks. I really can talk and type)


Trisha said...

Ozzy you are a puppy prodigy! I was so excited to see you post and I can hardly wait for you next one! You are a great neph-dog and so cute! I am so glad your mom and day got you! Can't wait to see you this weekend! (Tell your Mama she's pretty fantastic too!)

Anonymous said...

Aww!! Ozzy! Your parents are the best and I'm sure dads party was awesome:)

LC said...

Oh sure are a cute pup :)

Coree said...

You are so cute it makes my heart melt!

Mary said...

Look at those eyes-you are too cute! I'm impressed that you and Norton have had such a long relationship. I'm afraid Norton would not have fared well with my dog, Levi. It's a good thing he is safe with you!

Maria said...

Such a cutie pie!!!

Kimm Anderson said...

Wait... I thought Ozzy was black... he looks brown... I'm confused!



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