June 9, 2011

Trendley the Dog

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about animals, specifically dogs. I have pretty strong beliefs when it comes to adopting dogs rather than contributing to puppy mills and breeders. I try not to preach because everyone has to do what's best for them but I do stand firm on my opinions. We adopted our Osborne from Gateway Pet Guardians here in St. Louis. He was rescued on the streets of East St. Louis and they literally saved his life. I will forever be supportive of this organization and indebted to them for the sweet boy they allowed to live and become an important member of our family. You can read all about the life of our beloved Ozzy Cash here, here, here or here.

When  GPG came across my facebook feed this morning with their newest rescue, the sweet face of Trendley tugged at my heart's strings. I immediately hugged Oz and started to sob. The gauges in her neck from the chain that was tying her up, skin infections and obvious malnourishment ate away at me all day. I could not get her blue eyes and sweet, sad look out of my head. It is beyond me how someone could hurt an innocent, loving animal. What kind of evil person could do that?

This evening, this link came up on facebook and I knew I had to help out. If you donate, it will go specifically to Trendley's vet bills which are estimated at around $2,000. If you go to the GPG Facebook Fan Page, you can see videos of her sweet demeanor and gentle nature. So instead of going to Starbucks tomorrow morning or spending cash on a soda and candy at the gas station before work, consider donating $5 or $10 to help bring this sweet girl back to her full potential!

CLICK HERE to donate!



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