October 4, 2011

October: Thumbs Up x10

Hey all! It's time for another favorites post. I have a lot of good ones this time. Hope you enjoy!

#1 Clarisonic Brush. I love this thing! As I've mentioned before, I have really bad skin. Like if I don't wash my face before bed, the next morning my face will look like the Appalachians. This brush is great because the charge lasts me about 2 weeks of twice daily washes. The whole point is that it cleans deeper into your pores than you could washing with your hands or a cloth. The Clarisonic doesn't come cheap ($250!) but there are several over the counter versions that I highly recommend giving a try.

#2 Working with my husband. I have to say that we were both a bit skeptical that this could work at first because I'm extremely particular when it comes to my business but things are working out so well! We have a great time together and I think he is a great asset to my business. Plus he's not too bad on the eyes if you know what I mean! I'm a lucky lady.

#3 This video. Oh my lord this is hilarious. At the advice of our bride and groom this past Saturday, Tommy and I watched this video and nearly died laughing. I've watched it about 48 times since Sunday and I cannot stop.  

#4 Bagel Thins. I am completely obsessed. I haven't had the time to get out of the house and exercise much lately [two weddings every weekend in Sept will do it] so I have really been watching what I eat. I used to have a whole wheat bagel with CSA peanut butter and honey every morning, then I switched to toast and now I'm onto Bagel Thins. You can't beat 110 calories per serving and it's really filling.

#5 Red Wine. Definitely a fall favorite in my house. I love a glass of red wine while I'm working late into the evening on the computer. My favorite is Trader Joe's Charles Shaw Shiraz (so cheap and so good) and Target is now carrying (don't judge me for saying this) wine in a box that is really good! I love the red wine sangria.

#6 Gavin Degraw - Sweeter. I've been a GD fan for awhile now and I love his new cd.

#7 Canon PowerShot SD1400IS. I get asked more often than anything which camera I would recommend to someone who can't take good pictures. I am Canon loyal through and through so this Powershot is my fun, purse camera. When we're going to a concert or somewhere I don't want to lug my huge camera around, we bring this little guy and I can't say enough good things about it. We took it to the Dominican with us in December 2010 and when we went for the 2nd time this past July and I love this little guy! 
#8 Beckett Charles. This little cutie pie is turning three this Thursday. THREE people! Even though he keeps telling everyone he's four. Here are some photos of his birthday celebration at school my sister sent over this morning. This child melts my heart!

#9 Foster the People. I love this entire CD...minus the track 'Pumped Up Kicks' which is constantly on the radio.

#10 Haan Steam Cleaner. Yes, I realize how dorky it is to include this in a post of my favorite things but it really is the best. The hot steam sanitizes so you dont have to use any chemicals or cleaners. Love this!



Mary said...

I have the Clarisonic knock-off Olay version and love it too! Jason always jokes that he uses it to clean his feet. Hardy har har. I'm counting the days until I can have red wine!!!

Trisha said...

Love the favorites.

Box sangria. I will see you Friday.

Tosha said...

I can't wait to the start of a new month - just to see your new favorites! Keep 'em coming!




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