May 5, 2011

These are my confessions....

Usher anyone? I have had a lot of thoughts on my mind lately and without blogging, only my best friend and husband hear them so I'm going to put it out there. Feel free to comment on my confessions or offer up your own. I swear it made me feel much better to get it off my chest. Some are goofy, some are small vents. Don't take anything personally.
  • During the week, I drive from IL to downtown St. Louis to work at my part time job. Every time I realize it's Tuesday, I turn the station to the local rap/r&b station to listen to paternity test Tuesday which always falls during my 20 minute commute. For this, I love Tuesdays.
  • I despise the fact that some people do not send a simple thank you not for gifts. Hello? Did I not take the time to drive 30 minutes to the closest Babies R Us and listen to a mother scream at her kids for touching the breast pads? Did I not pop ibuprofen while I attempting to figure out where the toys you registered for were located? So yes, I feel as though I deserve a $.44 cent stamp and a line or two thanking me for spending my hard earned money and time on your gift.
  • I love writing things in bullet points? It makes me organize and gather my thoughts.
  • Love handles suck. How do you get rid of them? Why must they latch on to my hip bone and and implant themselves for life.
  • Using the excuse that you're busy. Everyone is busy. Life is busy. Get over it.
  • In our pre-cana class (marriage class for all your non-Catholics), a couple from our church that practically invented NFP, spoke to us. They might as well been green with two heads because Tommy and I were all "Um, that's irresponsible." "Have they heard of a new invention called the pill?" "What a dumb method of birth control." Well fast forward 3.5 years and guess who just bought a book on the subject? This girl. I am very interested in the natural factor of it. Then I had a conversation with my sister, that changed my idea of it's effectiveness.
            L: I'm thinking of giving NFP a whirl. Thoughts?
            K: We tried that.
            L: How did it go?
            K: We ended up with Beckett.
  • I was irritated that Barack Obama name dropped Biggie and Tupac during the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner. Did you do it because there are celebrities in the audience? Did you do it to announce your street cred? And dissing Matt Damon? No, Barack. Just no. I found it quite irritating. At least he announced that for the status of his presidency, the honeymoon is over. Indeed.
  • And I'll end on a high note. Last night I dreamt that I was pregnant...and I told everyone it was Justin Bieber's baby.




Trisha said...

That last one made me LOL pretty loudly! haha

N. said...

Agreed. Thank you notes take 2 min, but the impact is huge. Just write them people!
If you find a way to get rid of love handles, do share.
I used NFP successfully for 10 months. It can be effective if you're diligent about it. If you're not diligent about, then you end up with a Finn. ;)

Katie said...

Great post! Need confessions more often! :)

Anonymous said...

NFP works! You just have to be diligent, like N said. We did it successfully for over 2 years. Read Taking Charge of Your Fertility. :)

Trisha said...

Oh lord...NFP. I know how this story ends.

Love handle. Heard that.

Baby Biebs - I am dying.

And you know my thoughts about thank you notes. it is being tacky and class-less to not write them.

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